Don Giannatti

New Website...New Blog

What a year this has been! 2013 was a period of growth in my craft as a photographer. Because of Project 52Don Giannatti and the encouragement from other photographers from around the world, I see light and shadows differently than ever before. I pushed my limits weekly with real life projects.

February started with The Stranger project (I have a funny story to go along with it) that really pushed my comfort level. What? I have to walk up to a stranger and ask them if I can make a portrait of them? 

With every project I completed and heard the critique, I grew and developed. Things I never saw in the viewfinder I now see. Different angles, different composition, different lighting...and so on.

We are on Project #42 and I've done all but three. I made the commitment to do them all but life just gets in the way sometimes. And that's okay.

I have a great support group with Project 52 but I get the greatest support from my amazing wife, Daina. 

She is my rock...period. 

So, here's the reward for some tough work this year...a new website.

And here's to continued growth!


My first tearsheet...